answered Definition

replied to a question or request.

Using answered: Examples

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    She answered my question about the project.

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    He answered the phone when I called.

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    They answered the email promptly.

answered Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for answered

Phrases with answered

  • to reply rudely or impertinently


    I don't like it when you answer back like that.

  • to take responsibility for something


    You will have to answer for your actions.

  • to be responsible to someone


    The manager answers to the CEO.

Origins of answered

from Old English 'andswarian'


Summary: answered in Brief

'Answered' [ˈænsərd] is the past tense of 'answer,' which means to reply to a question or request. It is often used in formal and informal contexts, such as answering a phone call or responding to an email. Phrases like 'answer back,' 'answer for,' and 'answer to' use 'answer' to denote rude replies, taking responsibility, and being responsible to someone, respectively.