antiquated Definition

old-fashioned or outdated.

Using antiquated: Examples

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    The company's antiquated computer system was causing delays.

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    His views on women are antiquated and offensive.

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    The building's antiquated heating system needs to be replaced.

antiquated Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with antiquated

  • laws that are no longer relevant or effective


    The country needs to update its antiquated laws on immigration.

  • technology that is old and no longer useful or efficient


    The museum has a collection of antiquated technology, including typewriters and rotary phones.

  • customs or traditions that are no longer observed or followed


    The village still observes some antiquated customs, such as arranged marriages.

Origins of antiquated

from Latin 'antiquatus', meaning 'made old'


Summary: antiquated in Brief

'Antiquated' [ænˈtɪkwətɪd] means old-fashioned or outdated. It is often used to describe things like technology, customs, or laws that are no longer relevant or effective, as in 'The company's antiquated computer system was causing delays.' 'Antiquated' has synonyms like 'outdated' and 'obsolete,' and antonyms like 'modern' and 'up-to-date.'