anybody Definition

any person at all; anyone.

Using anybody: Examples

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    Does anybody have a pen I can borrow?

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    Anybody can learn to play the guitar with enough practice.

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    I don't think anybody saw what happened.

anybody Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for anybody

Phrases with anybody

  • someone who is special or important, not just anyone


    She's not just anybody, she's the CEO of a major corporation.

  • anybody's guess

    something that is unknown or uncertain


    What the outcome of the election will be is anybody's guess.

  • anybody home?

    a question asked when knocking on someone's door to see if anyone is there


    He knocked on the door and called out, 'Anybody home?'

Origins of anybody

from any + body


Summary: anybody in Brief

'Anybody' [ˈeniˌbɑdi] is a pronoun used to refer to any person at all. It is often used in questions and statements to mean 'anyone.' Phrases like 'not just anybody' and 'anybody's guess' use 'anybody' to denote someone special or something that is unknown or uncertain, respectively.

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