aphoristic Definition

containing or expressing a terse, pointed statement or observation.

Using aphoristic: Examples

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    His writing style is aphoristic and to the point.

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    The book is filled with aphoristic sayings and quotes.

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    She has a talent for crafting aphoristic phrases that stick in your mind.

aphoristic Synonyms and Antonyms

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Origins of aphoristic

from Greek 'aphorismos', meaning 'definition'


Summary: aphoristic in Brief

'Aphoristic' [af-uh-ris-tik] refers to a style of writing or speech that is concise and expresses a pointed statement or observation. It is often used to describe writing that is filled with memorable quotes or sayings, as in 'The book is filled with aphoristic sayings and quotes.' Synonyms include 'concise' and 'pithy,' while antonyms include 'verbose' and 'long-winded.'