apollonian Definition

relating to or resembling the god Apollo, characterized by reason, clarity, harmony, and restraint.

Using apollonian: Examples

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    The Apollonian style of architecture emphasizes symmetry and proportion.

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    His writing has an Apollonian quality, with its clear and logical arguments.

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    The Apollonian ideals of beauty and order are reflected in classical art.

Phrases with apollonian

  • a philosophical and literary concept that contrasts the rational, ordered, and restrained qualities of Apollo with the irrational, chaotic, and unrestrained qualities of Dionysus


    In his book 'The Birth of Tragedy,' Nietzsche explores the tension between the Apollonian and Dionysian elements in Greek tragedy.

Origins of apollonian

from Greek 'Apollonios', meaning 'of Apollo'


Summary: apollonian in Brief

'Apollonian' [ˌæpəˈloʊniən] refers to qualities associated with the Greek god Apollo, such as reason, clarity, harmony, and restraint. It is often used to describe art, architecture, and literature that embody these qualities, as in 'The Apollonian style of architecture emphasizes symmetry and proportion.' The phrase 'Apollonian and Dionysian' contrasts the rational and irrational aspects of human nature, as in Nietzsche's book 'The Birth of Tragedy.'