arcane Definition

understood by few; mysterious or secret.

Using arcane: Examples

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    The company has an arcane system of rules and regulations.

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    The book is full of arcane symbols and references.

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    The professor's lectures were often criticized for being too arcane and difficult to follow.

arcane Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with arcane

  • arcane knowledge

    knowledge that is known by only a few people and is not generally understood


    He was known for his arcane knowledge of ancient languages.

  • practices or skills that are mysterious or secret, often associated with magic or the supernatural


    She spent years studying the arcane arts of divination and spellcasting.

  • language that is difficult to understand because of its complexity or obscurity


    The legal document was written in an arcane language that only lawyers could understand.

Origins of arcane

from Latin 'arcanus', meaning 'secret, hidden'


Summary: arcane in Brief

'Arcane' [ɑrˈkeɪn] refers to something that is understood by few, often due to its mysterious or secret nature. It can describe anything from a complex system of rules to a book full of obscure symbols. Phrases like 'arcane knowledge' and 'arcane arts' denote specialized knowledge or practices that are not widely understood. 'Arcane language' refers to language that is difficult to understand because of its complexity or obscurity.