aromatic Definition

having a pleasant and distinctive smell.

Using aromatic: Examples

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    The aromatic scent of fresh coffee filled the room.

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    She lit some aromatic candles to create a relaxing atmosphere.

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    The dish was seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices.

aromatic Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with aromatic

  • a type of organic compound that has a strong and distinctive smell


    Benzene is an aromatic compound that is used in the production of plastics.

  • a type of hydrocarbon that contains one or more benzene rings


    Toluene is an aromatic hydrocarbon that is used as a solvent.

  • a plant that produces fragrant oils or resins that are used in perfumes, flavorings, and medicines


    Lavender is an aromatic plant that is commonly used in aromatherapy.

Origins of aromatic

from Greek 'arōma', meaning 'spice'


Summary: aromatic in Brief

The term 'aromatic' [ˌærəˈmætɪk] refers to something that has a pleasant and distinctive smell. It can describe anything from coffee to candles to herbs and spices. 'Aromatic' is often used to describe organic compounds like benzene, which have a strong and distinctive smell. 'Aromatic' can also refer to plants that produce fragrant oils or resins. Synonyms for 'aromatic' include 'fragrant' and 'perfumed.'

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