arouse Definition

  • 1to cause someone to have a particular feeling or attitude
  • 2to awaken from sleep or inactivity

Using arouse: Examples

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  • Example

    The speech aroused the crowd's anger.

  • Example

    The smell of coffee aroused her from sleep.

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    The news report aroused suspicion among the public.

arouse Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with arouse

  • to cause someone to become interested in something


    The new product launch has aroused interest among consumers.

  • to cause someone to become suspicious of something


    The politician's sudden change of stance aroused suspicion among his supporters.

  • arouse curiosity

    to cause someone to become curious about something


    The mysterious package on the doorstep aroused curiosity among the neighbors.

Origins of arouse

from Old French 'arroser', meaning 'to water'


Summary: arouse in Brief

'Arouse' [əˈraʊz] means to cause someone to have a particular feeling or attitude, or to awaken from sleep or inactivity. It is often used to describe how someone or something provokes a reaction, as in 'The speech aroused the crowd's anger.' Phrases like 'arouse interest' and 'arouse suspicion' use 'arouse' to denote causing someone to become interested or suspicious, respectively.