articulated Definition

  • 1consisting of separate parts connected with joints, allowing for movement
  • 2expressed or presented clearly and coherently

Using articulated: Examples

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  • Example

    The articulated arms of the robot allow it to perform complex tasks.

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    The politician gave an articulated speech outlining his plans for the country.

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    The articulated bus can bend in the middle to navigate tight turns.

articulated Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with articulated

  • a large vehicle used for transporting goods, consisting of a tractor unit and a trailer with multiple sections joined by hinges


    The articulated lorry was too big to fit under the bridge.

  • a joint that allows for movement in multiple directions


    The elbow is an example of an articulated joint.

  • a skeleton that has been prepared with joints that allow for movement, often used for educational purposes


    The museum had an exhibit featuring an articulated skeleton of a dinosaur.

Origins of articulated

from Latin 'articulatus', meaning 'divided into joints'


Summary: articulated in Brief

When something is 'articulated' [ɑːrˈtɪkjʊleɪtɪd], it consists of separate parts connected with joints, allowing for movement. It can also mean expressed or presented clearly and coherently. Examples include articulated robots, buses, and speeches. Phrases like 'articulated lorry' and 'articulated joint' use 'articulated' to denote something with multiple connected parts or joints.