ascent Definition

  • 1the act of climbing or moving upwards
  • 2an upward slope or path

Using ascent: Examples

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    The ascent to the summit was difficult but rewarding.

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    The airplane began its ascent into the sky.

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    The trail had a steep ascent that required careful footing.

ascent Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with ascent

  • to climb or move upwards


    We made an ascent up the mountain, taking in the beautiful views along the way.

  • a quick or sudden increase in height or elevation


    The hot air balloon experienced a rapid ascent, soaring high above the landscape.

  • a theory of human evolution that suggests humans have evolved from simpler life forms over time


    The ascent of man is a fascinating topic for scientists and historians alike.

Origins of ascent

from Latin 'ascensus', meaning 'a climbing'


Summary: ascent in Brief

An 'ascent' [əˈsent] refers to the act of climbing or moving upwards, or an upward slope or path. It can be used to describe physical movements, such as 'The airplane began its ascent into the sky,' or more abstract concepts, such as 'the ascent of man.' Synonyms include 'climb,' 'rise,' and 'escalation,' while antonyms include 'descent' and 'decline.'