asleep Definition

in a state of sleep; sleeping.

Using asleep: Examples

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    She was already asleep when I got home.

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    I can't seem to fall asleep tonight.

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    The baby is finally asleep, so let's try to be quiet.

asleep Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with asleep

  • to begin sleeping


    I usually fall asleep within minutes of getting into bed.

  • to be not paying attention or unaware of what is happening


    The company was asleep at the wheel and missed the opportunity to expand into new markets.

  • put someone/something to sleep

    to make someone or something go to sleep, typically by giving them medication


    The vet put my dog to sleep because he was in too much pain.

Origins of asleep

from Old English 'on slæpe'


Summary: asleep in Brief

'Asleep' [əˈsliːp] means being in a state of sleep. It is often used to describe people or animals who are sleeping, as in 'She was already asleep when I got home.' The phrase 'fall asleep' is commonly used to describe the act of beginning to sleep, while 'be asleep at the wheel' is used to describe someone who is not paying attention or unaware of what is happening.

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