attendee Definition

a person who is present at a specific event or gathering.

Using attendee: Examples

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    The conference had over 500 attendees from around the world.

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    All attendees are required to wear name tags.

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    The wedding attendees were seated in the front rows.

attendee Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for attendee

Phrases with attendee

  • a document containing the names of people who will be present at an event


    Please send me the final version of the attendee list before the conference.

  • the level of contentment or happiness that attendees feel about an event


    We conducted a survey to measure attendee satisfaction with the conference.

  • the level of involvement or interaction that attendees have with an event


    We need to find ways to increase attendee engagement during the workshop.

Origins of attendee

from Latin 'attendere', meaning 'to give heed to'


Summary: attendee in Brief

An 'attendee' [əˌtɛnˈdiː] is a person who is present at a specific event or gathering. It is often used in the context of conferences, weddings, and other events where people gather. Phrases like 'an attendee list,' 'attendee satisfaction,' and 'attendee engagement' are commonly used to describe aspects of events related to attendees.