autocratic Definition

  • 1relating to a ruler who has absolute power and who does not allow people to oppose them
  • 2domineering; dictatorial

Using autocratic: Examples

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    The country was ruled by an autocratic government for many years.

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    He had an autocratic management style that didn't allow for much input from his employees.

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    The CEO's autocratic decision-making led to low morale among the staff.

autocratic Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with autocratic

  • a system of government in which one person has complete power and control over a country or organization


    The country was under autocratic rule for many years.

  • a leadership style in which the leader makes decisions without consulting others and expects obedience from subordinates


    His autocratic leadership style didn't allow for much input from his team members.

  • a government characterized by absolute power and control, often maintained through oppressive means


    The citizens lived in fear under the autocratic regime.

Origins of autocratic

from Greek 'autokratēs', meaning 'ruling by oneself'


Summary: autocratic in Brief

'Autocratic' [ˌɔːtəˈkrætɪk] is an adjective used to describe a ruler or leadership style that exercises absolute power and control, often without regard for the opinions or well-being of others. It can also refer to a system of government or regime characterized by such power and control. Synonyms include 'dictatorial,' 'tyrannical,' and 'oppressive.' Antonyms include 'democratic' and 'egalitarian.'