avoid Definition

  • 1to keep away from someone or something
  • 2to prevent something from happening
  • 3to refrain from doing something

Using avoid: Examples

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  • Example

    I try to avoid eating too much sugar.

  • Example

    He avoided eye contact with me.

  • Example

    She avoided answering my question.

  • Example

    The accident could have been avoided if he had been more careful.

  • Example

    We need to avoid making the same mistakes again.

avoid Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with avoid

  • to stay away from someone completely


    I always avoid my ex-boyfriend like the plague when I see him at parties.

  • to not talk about the main topic of discussion


    He kept avoiding the issue and wouldn't answer my questions directly.

  • to not take responsibility for something that you are responsible for


    He tried to avoid responsibility for the mistake by blaming it on someone else.

Origins of avoid

from Old French 'esvuidier', meaning 'empty out'


Summary: avoid in Brief

'Avoid' [əˈvɔɪd] means to keep away from, prevent, or refrain from something. It can be used in various contexts, such as avoiding sugary foods or avoiding a person. Phrases like 'avoid someone like the plague' and 'avoid the issue' use 'avoid' to denote staying away from someone or not talking about the main topic of discussion, respectively.

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