barbaric Definition

  • 1extremely cruel and unpleasant
  • 2relating to or characteristic of barbarians

Using barbaric: Examples

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    The treatment of prisoners was described as barbaric.

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    The barbaric tribes of ancient Europe were known for their fierce fighting skills.

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    The practice of slavery is a barbaric relic of the past.

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    The use of chemical weapons is considered barbaric by most nations.

barbaric Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with barbaric

  • a loud, harsh cry or yell that is often associated with primitive or uncivilized behavior


    He let out a barbaric yawp when he won the race.

  • a sport or activity that involves violence or cruelty


    Bullfighting is often considered a barbaric sport.

  • an invasion by a group of people who are perceived as uncivilized or primitive


    The barbaric invasion of Rome by the Visigoths marked the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire.

Origins of barbaric

from Latin 'barbarus', meaning 'foreign, strange, uncivilized'


Summary: barbaric in Brief

'Barbaric' [bɑrˈbær.ɪk] describes something that is extremely cruel and unpleasant or relating to barbarians. It can be used to describe anything from treatment of prisoners to ancient tribes. Examples include 'The treatment of prisoners was described as barbaric.' and 'The use of chemical weapons is considered barbaric by most nations.' Phrases like 'barbaric yawp' and 'barbaric sport' denote loud, harsh cries and violent activities.

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