beast Definition

  • 1an animal, especially a large or wild one
  • 2a person who behaves in an aggressive, antisocial, or uncivilized way

Using beast: Examples

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    The beast roamed the forest at night.

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    He was a beast on the football field, tackling anyone in his way.

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    She unleashed her inner beast during the competition and won first place.

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    The beast within him took over and he became violent.

beast Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using beast

  • a different / whole new ball game (beast)

    a completely different situation or set of circumstances


    Working in a startup is a different ball game compared to working in a big corporation.

  • kill the beast

    to overcome one's fear or anxiety about something


    I finally killed the beast and gave my presentation without any problems.

  • to allow one's anger or aggression to be expressed


    He let the beast out of the cage and started yelling at his coworkers.

Phrases with beast

  • a traditional fairy tale about a beautiful young woman who falls in love with a cursed prince who has been transformed into a beast


    The story of Beauty and the Beast has been adapted into many films and plays.

  • an animal, such as a horse or donkey, used for carrying heavy loads


    In some countries, camels are used as beasts of burden in the desert.

  • a symbol or number that is believed to be associated with the devil and used to identify followers of the Antichrist


    Some religious groups believe that the barcode is the mark of the beast mentioned in the Bible.

Origins of beast

from Old English 'bēast', of Germanic origin; related to Dutch 'beest' and German 'Tier'


Summary: beast in Brief

The term 'beast' [biːst] refers to an animal, especially a large or wild one, or a person who behaves aggressively or uncivilized. It can be used in phrases like 'beauty and the beast,' a fairy tale about a cursed prince, and idioms like 'kill the beast,' meaning to overcome fear or anxiety. 'Beast' also extends to 'beast of burden,' referring to animals used for carrying heavy loads.

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