beef Definition

meat from a cow, especially the flesh of the muscles in the body.

Using beef: Examples

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    I'm going to cook some beef for dinner tonight.

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    The restaurant serves a variety of beef dishes.

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    She doesn't eat beef because she's a vegetarian.

beef Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for beef

  • cow meat
  • bovine meat

Idioms Using beef

  • to have a complaint or grievance against someone


    I have a beef with my neighbor for playing loud music late at night.

  • where's the beef?

    used to question the substance or value of something


    The article was full of hype but lacked any real evidence. Where's the beef?

  • beef and brawn

    physical strength and power


    He may not be the smartest guy, but he's got plenty of beef and brawn.

Phrases with beef

  • beef that has been preserved and flavored with salt and spices


    I love having corned beef sandwiches for lunch.

  • beef up

    to make something stronger or more substantial


    We need to beef up our security measures to prevent theft.

  • cattle that are raised for their meat


    The farm specializes in raising beef cattle.


Summary: beef in Brief

The term 'beef' [biːf] refers to meat from a cow, especially the flesh of the muscles in the body. It is commonly used in cooking and dining, as in 'I'm going to cook some beef for dinner tonight.' 'Beef' extends into phrases like 'corned beef,' and idioms like 'have a beef with someone,' denoting a complaint or grievance.

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