below Definition

  • 1at or to a lower level or position than someone or something
  • 2less than a particular amount or level

Using below: Examples

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  • Example

    The temperature outside is below freezing.

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    The water level is below the mark.

  • Example

    Please find my name below yours on the list.

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    The company's profits are below expectations.

below Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with below

  • unfair or unethical


    His comments were considered below the belt and caused offense.

  • not up to the usual standard or quality


    Her performance was below par, and she was criticized by the judges.

  • below stairs

    in the lower part of a house, especially where the servants live and work


    The kitchen and laundry rooms are located below stairs in this old mansion.

Origins of below

from Old English 'be-' + 'lofan', meaning 'to allow, permit'


Summary: below in Brief

The term 'below' [bɪˈləʊ] refers to a lower level or position than someone or something, as in 'The temperature outside is below freezing.' It can also denote less than a particular amount or level, as in 'The company's profits are below expectations.' 'Below' extends into phrases like 'below the belt,' meaning unfair or unethical, and 'below par,' meaning not up to the usual standard or quality.

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