beneficent Definition

  • 1doing or producing good; performing acts of kindness and charity
  • 2generous or charitable in nature

Using beneficent: Examples

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    The beneficent millionaire donated millions to charity.

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    Her beneficent actions towards the homeless were greatly appreciated.

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    The king was known for his beneficent rule over the kingdom.

beneficent Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with beneficent

  • an organization that exists to do good or charitable work


    The local beneficent society raised money for the homeless shelter.

  • a fund set up to provide financial assistance to those in need


    The company established a beneficent fund to help employees in times of crisis.

  • an act of kindness or charity


    Her beneficent deeds towards the community earned her a humanitarian award.

Origins of beneficent

from Latin 'beneficent-', meaning 'doing good'


Summary: beneficent in Brief

The term 'beneficent' [bəˈnɛfɪsənt] refers to doing or producing good, often through acts of kindness and charity. It is synonymous with 'benevolent' and 'philanthropic,' and antonymous with 'malevolent' and 'harmful.' Examples include donating to charity and helping the homeless. Phrases like 'beneficent society' and 'beneficent fund' denote organizations that exist to do good.