bequest Definition

  • 1the action of giving or leaving property to someone in a will
  • 2something that is given or left to someone in a will

Using bequest: Examples

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    The bequest was divided equally among the three children.

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    She made a bequest of her entire estate to charity.

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    He received a bequest from his grandfather's will.

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    The museum received a valuable art collection as a bequest.

bequest Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for bequest

Phrases with bequest

  • natural qualities or talents that are inherited from one's parents


    Her musical talent was a bequest of nature from her mother.

  • time that is left over after one's death and can be used for charitable purposes


    She left a bequest of time to her favorite charity in her will.

  • a lasting impression or legacy that one leaves behind after their death


    His bequest of memory was the many lives he touched through his philanthropic work.

Origins of bequest

from Old English 'be-' meaning 'by' + 'cwis' meaning 'request'


Summary: bequest in Brief

The term 'bequest' [bɪˈkwest] refers to the act of giving or leaving property to someone in a will. It can also refer to the property itself, such as an inheritance or endowment. Examples include 'She made a bequest of her entire estate to charity.' 'Bequest' extends into phrases like 'bequest of nature,' referring to natural talents, and 'bequest of memory,' referring to a lasting legacy.