bewail Definition

  • 1to express deep sorrow or grief over something
  • 2to lament or mourn for someone or something

Using bewail: Examples

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  • Example

    The villagers bewailed the loss of their crops due to the drought.

  • Example

    She bewailed her husband's death for months.

  • Example

    The fans of the singer bewailed his sudden retirement from music.

bewail Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for bewail

Phrases with bewail

  • bewail one's fate

    to express regret or sadness about one's circumstances


    After losing his job, he spent hours bewailing his fate.

  • bewail one's sins

    to express remorse or regret for one's wrongdoings


    He spent the entire night bewailing his sins and asking for forgiveness.

  • to express sadness or disappointment about the condition of something


    Environmentalists often bewail the state of the planet and the damage caused by human activities.

Origins of bewail

from Middle English 'bewailen', from 'be-' (intensive prefix) + 'wailen' (to wail)


Summary: bewail in Brief

The verb 'bewail' [bih-weyl] means to express deep sorrow or grief over something, or to lament or mourn for someone or something. It is often used in phrases like 'bewail one's fate' or 'bewail one's sins'. The word is formal and can be replaced with 'lament' or 'mourn'.