bin Definition

  • 1a container for holding waste
  • 2a storage container for goods
  • 3a device for storing data in a computer

Using bin: Examples

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  • Example

    Please put the empty bottles in the recycling bin.

  • Example

    The warehouse has several large bins for storing inventory.

  • Example

    The computer's recycle bin stores deleted files until they are permanently removed.

bin Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for bin

  • trash can
  • garbage can
  • waste bin
  • storage container
  • data repository

Phrases with bin

  • a container for household waste


    The dustbin was overflowing with garbage.

  • a type of waste container with wheels and a hinged lid


    The council provides each household with a wheelie bin for their rubbish.

  • dumpster diving

    the practice of searching through bins or dumpsters for useful items that have been discarded


    Some people engage in dumpster diving to find food or other items that are still usable.


Summary: bin in Brief

The word 'bin' [bɪn] refers to a container for holding waste, such as a trash can or dustbin, or a storage container for goods. It can also refer to a device for storing data in a computer, such as the recycle bin. Phrases like 'wheelie bin' and 'dumpster diving' extend its meaning.