blizzard Definition

a severe snowstorm with high winds and low visibility.

Using blizzard: Examples

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    The blizzard caused the airport to cancel all flights.

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    We were stuck inside during the blizzard for three days.

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    The blizzard left a foot of snow on the ground.

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    The blizzard made driving conditions treacherous.

blizzard Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for blizzard

Phrases with blizzard

  • a type of blizzard that occurs in the northeastern United States, characterized by strong winds and heavy snowfall


    The Noreaster brought a blizzard to the city, shutting down schools and businesses.

  • whiteout conditions

    a condition in which visibility is severely reduced due to blowing snow, making it difficult or impossible to see


    The blizzard created whiteout conditions on the highway, causing multiple accidents.

  • blizzard warning

    an alert issued by the National Weather Service when a blizzard is expected to occur in a particular area


    The blizzard warning prompted residents to stock up on food and supplies before the storm hit.


Summary: blizzard in Brief

A 'blizzard' [หˆblษชzษ™d] is a severe snowstorm characterized by high winds and low visibility. It can cause dangerous driving conditions and disrupt travel plans, as well as leave large amounts of snow on the ground. Phrases like 'Noreaster' and 'whiteout conditions' describe specific types of blizzards and their effects.

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