blocked Definition

  • 1prevented from moving or acting freely
  • 2obstructed or closed off

Using blocked: Examples

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    The road was blocked by a fallen tree.

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    I can't access the website because it's blocked in my country.

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    My bank account is blocked due to suspicious activity.

  • Example

    The drain is blocked and needs to be cleared.

blocked Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with blocked

  • a condition where the nasal passages are congested and airflow is obstructed


    I can't breathe properly because I have a blocked nose.

  • a basketball term that refers to a defensive play where a player jumps to block an opponent's shot


    He made a great blocked shot to prevent the other team from scoring.

  • a writer who is unable to produce new work due to creative block or other reasons


    She's been a blocked writer for months and can't seem to get past her writer's block.


Summary: blocked in Brief

'Blocked' [blษ‘kt] describes a state of being prevented from moving or acting freely, or obstructed or closed off. It can refer to physical objects like a blocked drain or a blocked shot in basketball, or to digital content that is restricted or censored. 'Blocked' can also describe a person who is creatively blocked or unable to produce new work.

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