bluntest Definition

  • 1not sharp or pointed
  • 2honest to the point of rudeness

Using bluntest: Examples

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  • Example

    The bluntest knife in the drawer couldn't cut through that steak.

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    He gave the bluntest criticism I've ever heard.

  • Example

    She is known for her blunt honesty.

  • Example

    His bluntest comments were often misunderstood.

bluntest Synonyms and Antonyms


Summary: bluntest in Brief

The term 'bluntest' [ˈblʌntɪst] refers to something that is not sharp or pointed, such as a knife, and can also describe someone who is honest to the point of rudeness. It is often used to describe criticism or comments that are straightforward and frank, but may be misunderstood. Synonyms include 'dull,' 'straightforward,' and 'candid.' Antonyms include 'sharp,' 'pointed,' and 'evasive.'