sharp Definition

  • 1having an edge or point that is able to cut or pierce something
  • 2able to produce a sudden, loud, high-pitched sound
  • 3clearly defined or focused

Using sharp: Examples

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  • Example

    Be careful with that knife, it's very sharp.

  • Example

    The sound of the whistle was sharp and piercing.

  • Example

    Her memory of the event was sharp and vivid.

sharp Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using sharp

  • very intelligent or mentally alert


    Even at 90 years old, she's still as sharp as a tack.

  • dishonest or unethical behavior


    The company was accused of engaging in sharp practice to gain an unfair advantage over its competitors.

  • extremely sharp or precise


    His attention to detail is as sharp as a razor.

Phrases with sharp

  • a tendency to speak in a critical or harsh manner


    She has a sharp tongue and often offends people with her comments.

  • an intelligent or quick-thinking mind


    He has a sharp mind and is able to solve problems quickly.

  • a sudden change in direction


    The road took a sharp turn to the left.


Summary: sharp in Brief

The term 'sharp' [ʃɑːrp] describes objects with edges or points that can cut or pierce, sounds that are sudden and high-pitched, and ideas that are clearly defined or focused. It extends into phrases like 'sharp tongue,' and idioms like 'sharp as a tack,' denoting intelligence, and 'sharp practice,' implying unethical behavior.

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