boar Definition

  • 1a wild pig of the Old World, from which domestic pigs are descended
  • 2an uncastrated male domestic pig

Using boar: Examples

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    The hunters were tracking a large boar in the forest.

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    The farmer kept a boar to breed with his sows.

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    The boar charged at the intruder, forcing him to climb a tree.

boar Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for boar

Phrases with boar

  • boar's head

    a dish traditionally served at Christmas consisting of the head of a boar roasted and garnished


    The boar's head was the centerpiece of the holiday feast.

  • a stiff hair from the back of a wild boar used in making brushes


    The hairbrush was made with boar bristles for better detangling.

  • an unpleasant odor or taste in the meat of an uncastrated male pig


    The chef had to discard the pork chops due to the presence of boar taint.


Summary: boar in Brief

A 'boar' [bɔː(r)] is a wild pig of the Old World, or an uncastrated male domestic pig. It is often hunted for sport or kept for breeding purposes. The term extends into phrases like 'boar's head,' a traditional Christmas dish, and 'boar bristle,' a type of brush material.

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