boredom Definition

the state of feeling bored; a lack of interest or excitement in an activity.

Using boredom: Examples

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    I can't stand the boredom of this job.

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    The lecture was so boring that I struggled to stay awake.

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    He was overcome with boredom during the long flight.

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    The children complained of boredom on the rainy day.

boredom Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with boredom

  • to be extremely bored


    I thought I would die of boredom during the three-hour meeting.

  • something that helps alleviate boredom


    Playing board games is a great boredom buster for kids on a rainy day.

  • the point at which someone becomes bored


    My boredom threshold is pretty low, so I need to keep myself occupied with different activities.


Summary: boredom in Brief

Boredom [ˈbɔːdəm] is the state of feeling uninterested or unexcited in an activity. It is characterized by tedium, monotony, and dullness, as in 'The lecture was so boring that I struggled to stay awake.' Phrases like 'die of boredom' and 'boredom buster' describe the extreme and the solution to boredom, while 'boredom threshold' refers to the point at which someone becomes bored.

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