borough Definition

a town or district that is an administrative unit, in particular, one forming a self-governing municipal or corporate entity..

Using borough: Examples

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    The borough of Manhattan is the most densely populated borough in New York City.

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    The London borough of Camden is known for its vibrant nightlife.

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    The city council voted to merge several small boroughs into one larger municipality.

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    The borough of Queens is home to two major airports.

borough Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for borough

Phrases with borough

  • an elected official who serves as the chief executive of a borough government


    The Brooklyn borough president is responsible for representing the interests of Brooklyn residents.

  • the administrative headquarters of a borough government


    The Queens borough hall is located in the neighborhood of Kew Gardens.

  • a popular food market located in the Southwark area of London


    The Borough Market is a great place to sample a variety of foods from around the world.

Origins of borough

from Old English 'burh', meaning 'fortified place'


Summary: borough in Brief

The term 'borough' [ˈbʌrə] refers to a self-governing town or district, often with administrative functions. Examples include the boroughs of New York City and London. Phrases like 'borough president' and 'borough hall' denote officials and administrative centers, while 'borough market' refers to a popular food market in London.