both Definition

used to refer to two people or things, regarded and identified together.

Using both: Examples

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  • Example

    Both of my parents are doctors.

  • Example

    I like both chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

  • Example

    Both the cat and the dog were sleeping on the couch.

both Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for both

  • the pair
  • the two
  • the duo

Phrases with both

  • two different aspects of a situation


    There are both positive and negative sides to this decision. It's important to consider both sides of the coin.

  • to be practical and realistic


    She is a dreamer, but she also has both feet on the ground and knows what is possible.

  • in both directions


    The street is one-way, so you can only go one way, but the bike lane goes both ways.


Summary: both in Brief

The word 'both' [boʊθ] is used to refer to two people or things that are regarded and identified together. It is a determiner and pronoun that is often used in sentences like 'Both of my parents are doctors.' 'Both' can be used in phrases like 'both sides of the coin,' which refers to two different aspects of a situation.

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