bracing Definition

  • 1fresh and invigorating
  • 2giving energy or strength
  • 3preparing someone or something for a shock or challenge

Using bracing: Examples

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    The bracing sea air made me feel alive.

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    A bracing walk in the morning can set you up for the day.

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    The coach gave the team a bracing talk before the game.

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    The cold shower was a bracing start to the day.

bracing Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with bracing

  • preparing mentally or emotionally for something difficult or unpleasant


    She braced herself for the bad news.

  • a positive impact on someone's mood or energy levels


    The bracing effect of the mountain air was immediately apparent.

  • a climate that is cold and fresh, and makes you feel more alert and energetic


    The bracing climate of the Scottish Highlands is perfect for outdoor activities.

Origins of bracing

from the verb 'brace', meaning 'to make firm or steady'


Summary: bracing in Brief

The term 'bracing' [breɪsɪŋ] refers to something that is fresh and invigorating, giving energy or strength, or preparing someone or something for a shock or challenge. It can describe the effects of the sea air, a morning walk, or a cold shower, and can also be used to describe a coach's talk before a game. The phrase 'bracing oneself' means to prepare mentally or emotionally for something difficult or unpleasant.