breakup Definition

the end of a relationship, especially a romantic one.

Using breakup: Examples

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    Their breakup was messy and emotional.

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    I'm still recovering from my last breakup.

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    The band's breakup was due to creative differences.

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    The company's breakup into smaller divisions was announced last week.

breakup Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using breakup

  • to add variety or interest to something that has become repetitive or boring


    Let's take a break and do something different to break up the monotony of our routine.

  • break up a fight

    to intervene and stop a physical altercation between two or more people


    The teacher had to break up a fight between two students in the hallway.

  • to end a romantic relationship with someone


    She decided to break up with her boyfriend after realizing they wanted different things in life.

Phrases with breakup

  • a particularly difficult or painful end to a romantic relationship


    She's been struggling to move on after her bad breakup with her ex-boyfriend.

  • a friendly and mutually agreed-upon end to a romantic relationship


    Although they decided to break up, it was an amicable breakup and they remain friends.

  • a song that deals with the end of a romantic relationship, often expressing sadness or heartbreak


    Her latest album features several breakup songs that have become popular with fans.


Summary: breakup in Brief

The term 'breakup' [ˈbreɪkʌp] refers to the end of a romantic relationship, often with emotional pain. It can also refer to the division of a company or organization. 'Breakup' is used in phrases like 'bad breakup,' indicating a particularly difficult end to a relationship, and 'breakup song,' referring to a song that deals with heartbreak. Idioms include 'break up the monotony,' meaning to add variety, and 'break up with someone,' meaning to end a romantic relationship.