bristly Definition

  • 1having stiff, prickly, or wiry hairs or fibers
  • 2unpleasantly sharp or rough to the touch

Using bristly: Examples

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  • Example

    The bristly hair on the dog's back stood up as it growled.

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    The brush was bristly and uncomfortable to use.

  • Example

    The cactus had a bristly exterior that made it difficult to touch.

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Summary: bristly in Brief

The term 'bristly' [ˈbrɪstli] describes something that has stiff, prickly, or wiry hairs or fibers, or is unpleasantly sharp or rough to the touch. It can be used to describe the hair of an animal or the texture of a surface, such as a brush or plant. Synonyms include 'prickly,' 'spiky,' 'hairy,' 'shaggy,' and 'rough.'