smooth Definition

  • 1having an even and regular surface or consistency; free from bumps, roughness, or irregularities
  • 2without difficulties or problems
  • 3suave and persuasive in manner

Using smooth: Examples

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    The baby's skin was smooth and soft.

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    The ride was smooth and comfortable.

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    The negotiations went smoothly.

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    He has a smooth voice that is perfect for radio.

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    She gave a smooth performance on stage.

smooth Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using smooth

  • very smooth and easy


    The transition from one job to another was as smooth as silk.

  • very smooth and shiny


    The lake was as smooth as glass in the early morning light.

  • very smooth and creamy


    The mashed potatoes were as smooth as butter.

Phrases with smooth

  • a situation where progress is made easily and without problems


    After the initial setbacks, it was smooth sailing for the project.

  • to make something seem less serious or difficult than it really is


    He tried to smooth over the disagreement between the two parties.

  • a person who is skilled at persuading others, often by using flattery


    He's a smooth talker who can convince anyone to do anything.

Origins of smooth

from Old English 'smeðe', meaning 'level, even'


Summary: smooth in Brief

The term 'smooth' [smuːð] describes an even and regular surface or consistency, as well as a lack of difficulties or problems. It can also refer to a suave and persuasive manner, exemplified by 'He has a smooth voice that is perfect for radio.' 'Smooth' extends into phrases like 'smooth sailing,' and idioms like 'as smooth as silk,' denoting ease and fluidity.

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