butter Definition

a pale yellow edible fatty substance made by churning cream and used as a spread or for cooking.

Using butter: Examples

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    I spread some butter on my toast this morning.

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    The recipe calls for two tablespoons of butter.

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    She likes to cook with butter instead of oil.

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    The butter melted in the pan.

butter Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for butter

Phrases with butter

  • butter up

    to flatter someone in order to gain their favor or approval


    He's always trying to butter up the boss to get a promotion.

  • butter that has been heated until it turns brown and has a nutty flavor


    The recipe calls for brown butter to be drizzled over the pasta.

  • a person who frequently drops things or is clumsy


    Be careful not to drop the dishes, you butter fingers!


Summary: butter in Brief

The term 'butter' [ˈbʌtər] refers to a pale yellow fatty substance made by churning cream, commonly used as a spread or for cooking. It can be substituted with margarine, oleo, or ghee. Phrases like 'butter up' denote flattery for personal gain, while 'brown butter' refers to heated butter with a nutty flavor. 'Butter fingers' is an informal term for someone who is clumsy.

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