bulletin Definition

a short official statement or broadcast summary of news.

Using bulletin: Examples

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    The company issued a bulletin about the new policy.

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    The school bulletin announced the upcoming events.

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    The police issued a bulletin warning people about the escaped prisoner.

bulletin Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for bulletin

Phrases with bulletin

  • a board on which notices, advertisements, or messages are displayed


    The bulletin board in the office is always full of announcements and memos.

  • an official publication that records legal decisions and proceedings


    The New York Times is considered the bulletin of record for the United States.

  • a report on current and predicted weather conditions


    The weather bulletin warned of heavy rain and strong winds in the area.

Origins of bulletin

from French 'bulletin', meaning 'small note' or 'official document'


Summary: bulletin in Brief

The term 'bulletin' [ˈbʊlɪtɪn] refers to a brief official statement or broadcast summary of news. It is commonly used in contexts like company policies, school events, and police warnings, as in 'The school bulletin announced the upcoming events.' 'Bulletin' extends into phrases like 'bulletin board,' denoting a display for notices, and 'weather bulletin,' indicating a report on weather conditions.