bum Definition

  • 1a person who has no home or job and lives by asking others for money or food
  • 2the buttocks

Using bum: Examples

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    He's been living as a bum on the streets for years.

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    She gave him a swift kick in the bum.

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    I need to work out more to tone my bum.

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    The movie was so boring, I just sat on my bum the whole time.

bum Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using bum

  • living as a homeless person or without a permanent residence


    After losing his job, he ended up on the bum for a few months before finding a new one.

  • to be given bad or misleading advice or guidance


    I had a bum steer from my friend about which restaurant to go to. It was terrible!

  • to force someone to leave quickly and unceremoniously


    The bouncer gave the rowdy patron the bum's rush out of the club.

Phrases with bum

  • to spend time aimlessly or without purpose


    I'm just going to bum around the house today and relax.

  • bad or misleading advice or guidance


    I followed his directions and ended up getting lost. He really gave me a bum steer.

  • unfair or undeserved criticism or blame


    I got a bum rap for something I didn't even do.

Origins of bum

originally meaning 'buttocks', from Middle English 'bum', probably of Scandinavian origin


Summary: bum in Brief

'Bum' [bʌm] can refer to a homeless person or someone who lives by begging. It can also mean 'buttocks,' as in 'She gave him a swift kick in the bum.' Phrases like 'bum around' and idioms like 'on the bum' denote aimless or homeless lifestyles. 'Bum steer' and 'bum rap' describe bad advice or unfair criticism, respectively.

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