bureau Definition

  • 1a chest of drawers or a writing desk with drawers and typically an angled top opening downwards to form a writing surface
  • 2an office or department for transacting particular business

Using bureau: Examples

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    She sat at her bureau, writing a letter.

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    The FBI is a bureau of the US Department of Justice.

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    He works for the Census Bureau.

bureau Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for bureau

Phrases with bureau

  • an agency that makes arrangements for transportation, accommodations, and tours for travelers


    I booked my flight and hotel through a travel bureau.

  • an office or organization that gathers and distributes news reports


    The Associated Press has a news bureau in every state.

  • a desk with drawers and compartments for storing writing materials


    She keeps all her stationery in the writing bureau.

Origins of bureau

from French 'bureau', meaning 'office' or 'desk'


Summary: bureau in Brief

The term 'bureau' [ˈbjʊərəʊ] refers to a piece of furniture with drawers and a writing surface, or an office or department for specific business. Examples include 'She sat at her bureau, writing a letter,' and 'He works for the Census Bureau.' 'Bureau' extends into phrases like 'travel bureau,' which arranges travel, and 'news bureau,' which gathers and distributes news reports.

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