businesslike Definition

  • 1efficient and practical, showing qualities that are needed for dealing with business matters
  • 2serious and practical, without any unnecessary or friendly behaviour

Using businesslike: Examples

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    She has a very businesslike approach to her work.

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    The meeting was conducted in a businesslike manner.

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    He gave a businesslike nod and left the room.

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    The company's businesslike attitude helped it to succeed.

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    She was dressed in a businesslike suit.

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Summary: businesslike in Brief

The term 'businesslike' [ˈbɪznəsˌlaɪk] describes someone or something that is efficient, practical, and serious. It is often used to describe a person's approach to work or a company's attitude towards its operations. Synonyms include 'professional,' 'no-nonsense,' and 'serious.' Antonyms include 'unprofessional,' 'inefficient,' and 'amateurish.'