butcher Definition

  • 1a person who sells meat, or a shop where meat is sold
  • 2a person who cuts up and prepares meat for sale
  • 3to kill animals for food

Using butcher: Examples

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  • Example

    I bought some steak from the local butcher.

  • Example

    The butcher prepared the meat for cooking.

  • Example

    The family butchers their own chickens for dinner.

  • Example

    The company was accused of butchering the environment.

butcher Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for butcher

  • meat seller
  • meat cutter
  • abattoir worker

Phrases with butcher

  • butcher's block

    a heavy chopping block used by butchers for cutting meat


    The butcher placed the meat on the butcher's block to prepare it for sale.

  • butcher's hook

    a hook used by butchers for hanging up meat


    The butcher hung the meat on a butcher's hook to display it in the shop.

  • butcher's dozen

    thirteen instead of twelve


    The butcher gave me a butcher's dozen of sausages.

Origins of butcher

from Old French 'bouchier', meaning 'slaughterer'


Summary: butcher in Brief

The term 'butcher' [ˈbʊtʃər] refers to a person who sells or prepares meat for sale. It can also mean to kill animals for food. Examples include 'I bought some steak from the local butcher' and 'The family butchers their own chickens for dinner.' Phrases like 'butcher's block' and 'butcher's hook' refer to tools used by butchers.