dozen Definition

  • 1a group of twelve things
  • 2a quantity of something that is twelve in number

Using dozen: Examples

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  • Example

    I need a dozen eggs for the recipe.

  • Example

    He bought a dozen roses for his wife.

  • Example

    The store sells donuts by the dozen.

dozen Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for dozen

Phrases with dozen

  • a baker's dozen

    thirteen items, typically used when selling items by the dozen to ensure the customer gets an extra item


    The baker always gives a baker's dozen to his regular customers.

  • a dime a dozen

    something that is common and easy to find, often with little value


    Those cheap souvenirs are a dime a dozen at the tourist shops.

  • to talk rapidly and continuously


    She was so excited about her trip that she talked nineteen to the dozen about it.

Origins of dozen

from Old English 'dutzan', meaning 'a group of twelve'


Summary: dozen in Brief

'Dozen' [duhz-uhn] refers to a group of twelve things or a quantity of twelve. It is commonly used when referring to items sold in sets of twelve, such as eggs or roses. The phrase 'a baker's dozen' means thirteen items, while 'a dime a dozen' means something that is common and easy to find.

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