cautious Definition

  • 1showing care and attention to avoid danger or mistakes
  • 2not taking risks

Using cautious: Examples

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    She gave a cautious reply to the proposal.

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    He is cautious about investing in the stock market.

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    The driver took a cautious approach on the icy road.

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    It's always better to be cautious when dealing with strangers.

cautious Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for cautious

Phrases with cautious

  • to choose the safer or more conservative option when faced with uncertainty or risk


    I think we should err on the side of caution and postpone the trip until the weather improves.

  • to be careful and take necessary precautions


    It's important to exercise caution when using power tools.

  • a feeling of hopefulness but with awareness of potential risks or challenges


    The team expressed cautious optimism about their chances of winning the championship.

Origins of cautious

from Latin 'cautiosus', meaning 'careful'


Summary: cautious in Brief

The term 'cautious' [ˈkɔːʃəs] describes a person or action that shows care and attention to avoid danger or mistakes, and avoids taking risks. It can be exemplified by phrases like 'err on the side of caution,' which means to choose the safer option, and 'exercise caution,' which means to be careful and take necessary precautions.

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