celebrated Definition

famous or well-known, especially for a particular skill, achievement, or quality.

Using celebrated: Examples

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    She is a celebrated author who has won numerous awards.

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    The city is known for its celebrated architecture.

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    The celebrated chef prepared a special meal for the guests.

celebrated Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for celebrated

Phrases with celebrated

  • an event that is widely recognized and commemorated, often with festivities or ceremonies


    The Fourth of July is a celebrated event in the United States.

  • a piece of art, literature, or music that is widely recognized and admired


    Shakespeare's plays are celebrated works of literature.

  • a long and successful career that is widely recognized and respected


    After a celebrated career in politics, she retired to focus on her family.


Summary: celebrated in Brief

The term 'celebrated' [ˈsɛləbreɪtɪd] refers to someone or something that is famous or well-known, particularly for a specific skill, achievement, or quality. It can describe people, places, or things, as in 'The celebrated chef prepared a special meal for the guests.' 'Celebrated' extends into phrases like 'celebrated event,' and 'celebrated work,' denoting widely recognized and commemorated events or admired pieces of art, literature, or music.