certify Definition

  • 1attest or confirm in a formal statement
  • 2provide (a person or organization) with a certificate attesting to a status or level of achievement

Using certify: Examples

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    The document must be certified by a solicitor.

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    The company has been certified as meeting the international standard.

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    He was certified dead on arrival at the hospital.

certify Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for certify

Phrases with certify

  • a check for which the bank guarantees payment


    I'll need a certified check to pay for the car.

  • a service offered by postal services that provides proof of mailing and delivery


    I sent the documents by certified mail to ensure they were received.

  • a label given to agricultural products that have been produced according to specific standards


    The vegetables are certified organic, meaning they were grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

Origins of certify

from Old French 'certifier', from Latin 'certificare', from 'certus' meaning 'certain'


Summary: certify in Brief

To 'certify' [ˈsəːtɪfʌɪ] is to formally attest or confirm something. This can involve providing a certificate of achievement or verifying a status. Examples include 'The document must be certified by a solicitor,' and 'The company has been certified as meeting the international standard.' 'Certify' also extends into phrases like 'certified check,' which is guaranteed by a bank, and 'certified organic,' which denotes produce grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.