verify Definition

  • 1make sure or demonstrate that (something) is true, accurate, or justified
  • 2check or investigate the truth or accuracy of something

Using verify: Examples

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  • Example

    Please verify your email address by clicking on the link provided.

  • Example

    The police are trying to verify his alibi.

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    I need to verify the source of this information before I can use it in my report.

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    Can you verify that the product is safe for children?

verify Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using verify

  • put/lay one's cards on the table (and verify them)

    to reveal one's intentions or position honestly and openly, and then prove that they are true


    The CEO put his cards on the table and verified them by showing the company's financial records.

  • take someone's word for it (without verifying)

    to believe what someone says without checking if it is true


    I took his word for it that the restaurant was good, but I wish I had verified it before going there.

  • verify the authenticity/integrity of something

    to confirm that something is genuine or has not been tampered with


    The bank needs to verify the authenticity of the signature on the check before cashing it.

Phrases with verify

  • an account on social media platforms that has been confirmed as authentic by the platform itself


    The blue checkmark next to his username indicates that he has a verified account.

  • self-verified

    a claim or statement made by an individual about themselves that they have verified to be true


    Her self-verified credentials as a nutritionist were called into question by experts in the field.

  • a review or rating of a product on an online marketplace that has been confirmed as having been purchased by the reviewer


    The verified purchase badge on the review assures potential buyers that the reviewer actually bought the product.

Origins of verify

from Old French 'verifier', from Medieval Latin 'verificare', from Latin 'verus' meaning 'true' and 'facere' meaning 'to make'


Summary: verify in Brief

To 'verify' [ˈverɪfaɪ] means to check or demonstrate that something is true, accurate, or justified. It can refer to confirming the authenticity of something, such as a purchase or social media account, or investigating the truth or accuracy of a claim or statement. Examples include 'Please verify your email address by clicking on the link provided.' and 'The police are trying to verify his alibi.' Idioms like 'put/lay one's cards on the table (and verify them)' denote honesty and openness, while 'take someone's word for it (without verifying)' implies blind trust.

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