childish Definition

  • 1silly and immature
  • 2typical of a child, especially in a way that is undesirable or annoying

Using childish: Examples

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  • Example

    His childish behavior was getting on my nerves.

  • Example

    She threw a childish tantrum when she didn't get what she wanted.

  • Example

    It's time to stop acting so childish and take responsibility for your actions.

childish Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for childish

Phrases with childish

  • a feeling of great pleasure or satisfaction that is typical of a child


    The children watched with childish delight as the magician pulled a rabbit out of his hat.

  • the state of being pure and innocent like a child


    Her smile and laughter reflected her childish innocence.

  • a game that is simple and easy to play, typically played by children


    We spent the afternoon playing childish games like tag and hide-and-seek.


Summary: childish in Brief

'Childish' [ˈtʃaɪldɪʃ] describes behavior that is silly, immature, or typical of a child in an undesirable or annoying way. It is often used to criticize someone for acting irresponsibly or throwing a tantrum. 'Childish' can also refer to feelings of delight or innocence, as in 'childish delight' or 'childish innocence.'

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