circumscribed Definition

  • 1restricted or limited
  • 2enclosed within a boundary

Using circumscribed: Examples

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    The power of the monarch was circumscribed by law.

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    The investigation was circumscribed to a specific area.

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    The artist's creativity was not circumscribed by any rules or conventions.

circumscribed Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for circumscribed

Phrases with circumscribed

  • a circle that passes through all the vertices of a polygon


    The circumscribed circle of a triangle is also known as its circumcircle.

  • an angle formed by two intersecting chords in a circle


    In a circle, an inscribed angle is half the measure of its corresponding circumscribed angle.

  • a triangle that has been inscribed in a circle


    The circumcenter of a circumscribed triangle is the point where the perpendicular bisectors of its sides intersect.

Origins of circumscribed

from Latin 'circumscribere', meaning 'to draw a line around'


Summary: circumscribed in Brief

The term 'circumscribed' [ˈsərkəmskrībd] refers to something that is restricted or limited, or enclosed within a boundary. Examples include the power of a monarch being circumscribed by law, or an investigation being circumscribed to a specific area. In geometry, 'circumscribed' is used to describe shapes like circles, triangles, and angles that are drawn around other shapes. Synonyms for 'circumscribed' include 'limited,' 'restricted,' and 'confined.'