clashing Definition

  • 1conflicting or incompatible
  • 2making a loud and harsh noise when put together

Using clashing: Examples

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    Their clashing personalities made it difficult to work together.

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    The clashing colors of her outfit hurt my eyes.

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    The clashing sounds of the cymbals and drums created a chaotic atmosphere.

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    The clashing opinions of the committee members led to a stalemate.

clashing Synonyms and Antonyms

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Summary: clashing in Brief

The term 'clashing' [ˈklæʃɪŋ] refers to things that are conflicting or incompatible, such as personalities, opinions, or colors. It can also describe sounds that are loud and harsh when put together, like cymbals and drums. Synonyms include 'conflicting,' 'contradictory,' and 'discordant.' Antonyms include 'compatible,' 'harmonious,' and 'agreeable.'

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