contradictory Definition

  • 1mutually opposed or inconsistent
  • 2containing elements which are inconsistent with each other

Using contradictory: Examples

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  • Example

    His statements were contradictory and confusing.

  • Example

    The two witnesses gave contradictory accounts of the incident.

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    The research findings were contradictory and inconclusive.

  • Example

    Her actions were contradictory to her words.

contradictory Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with contradictory

  • evidence that is inconsistent with other evidence presented in a case


    The defense presented contradictory evidence that challenged the prosecution's case.

  • contradictory statements

    statements that are inconsistent with each other


    The politician made contradictory statements about his position on the issue.

  • emotions that are inconsistent with each other


    She felt both happy and sad at the same time, experiencing contradictory emotions.

Origins of contradictory

from Latin 'contra-' meaning 'against' and 'dicere' meaning 'to speak'


Summary: contradictory in Brief

The term 'contradictory' [ˌkɒntrəˈdɪktəri] refers to elements that are inconsistent or mutually opposed. It can describe statements, emotions, evidence, or research findings that are paradoxical or antithetical. For example, 'The two witnesses gave contradictory accounts of the incident.' 'Contradictory' has formal synonyms like 'inconsistent' and 'conflicting,' and informal ones like 'mixed up' and 'screwy.'

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