coal Definition

  • 1a hard, black mineral substance that is dug from the earth in lumps and used as a fuel
  • 2a piece of coal or charcoal used for drawing

Using coal: Examples

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  • Example

    The train was powered by coal.

  • Example

    The miners were covered in coal dust.

  • Example

    She used a piece of coal to draw on the sidewalk.

coal Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with coal

  • the process of using coal as a fuel source


    Burning coal releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

  • a place where coal is extracted from the ground


    The coal mine was closed due to safety concerns.

  • two types of fuel made from carbon-rich materials


    Charcoal and coal are both used for cooking and heating.


Summary: coal in Brief

Coal [koʊl] is a hard, black mineral substance that is used as a fuel and for drawing. It is commonly found in mines and is often associated with coal dust. Phrases like 'burning coal' and 'coal mine' are used to describe the use and extraction of coal.

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